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Books and resources

Minecraft Virtual Campus

 This free e-book helps you move from 0 to 60 quickly.  Full of tips, shortcuts, and even a couple of letters to parents and principals.

 Click here to download from the iTunes Store.

Play This, Learn That

Play This, Learn That introduces you to those amazing educators and their games they use and shows how to make it fit. 

 Downloaded from the iTunes store.

Amazing Things...

Originally written as a textbook, this clever e-book is ideal for walk-throughs on tech teaching projects.  Download for free from the iTunes Store.

Blowing Up the Gradebook

Interested in the nuts and bolts of game-based quest-based learning? This free resource is also available on the iTunes store.

The funniest book on teaching.

 As a passion project, I put this together as a way of entertaining first-year teachers.  But, it turns out everyone laughs out loud.

 Download here. 


Dr. Brett Shelton and I collected our experiences and discoveries in the first year of creating a college esports program. Download the PDF here.


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